I found it!

Rise of the Triad

The original disc rescued from storage

It’s hard to imagine that I bought this game almost fifteen years ago. I would have been in high school at the peek of my nerdism, spending all of my spare time and pocket-money getting the next best thing on my 486. I had just retired my beloved Commodore Amiga 500 as it was at the end of its life. After being spoiled for excellent games, Rise of the Triad was a gem in my small collection of PC games.  I don’t believe I had a modem yet either, that came later with my Pentium 75. The internet was relatively new anyway. It was just a place to anonymously throw insults at random people and download porn (we’ve really come a long way in 15 years haven’t we?).

Rise of the Triad, or ROTT, was a tongue-in-cheek successor to Wolfenstein 3D – the grandfather of FPS. It was initially developed by Apogee (who became 3D Realms) as a sequel, which is quite apparent by the nazi uniforms and the WWII weaponry, but ended up going in its own direction. I’m not sure what direction that was exactly, but it was a hell of a lot of fun anyway.

I suppose you’re wondering why I’m telling you this? I’m glad you asked! I’ve been meaning to start a gaming blog for a long, long time as I always have a lot to say about past, present and future games. I needed somewhere to reminisce, to rant, to talk strategy, and somewhere to spread hype on the next title that has my attention. I eventually found myself staring at a blinking cursor on the WordPress signup form. I needed a name!

I initially wanted to come up with some witty oxymoron, but I drew a complete blank. I then thought to name the blog after the exploding red barrels you see in games as I really wonder why that convention ever came about. Why do the red barrels explode? The blue ones never do. Grey ones just roll over and take it. Anyway I digress, I’ll blog about that later as it’s not what I ended up choosing. As you may have guessed, the title of my blog is a reference to ROTT.



Every now and then, after exploding an enemy to tiny bits with a rocket launcher, a message saying “Ludicrous gibs!” would pop up in the top-left of the screen referring to the player’s use of extreme overkill. Of course as a kid I found that hilarious, and to be honest it still makes me giggle. Over-the-top violence in video games is, in my opinion, funny. Most gamers will agree, but there are so many non-gamers out there who are appalled by it and think it’s a recipe for serial killers. For this reason I think it makes a fitting title for a blog that will most-likely touch on the ever-present debate on violence in video games, R18+ ratings in Australia, and what have you.

So that just about concludes my first bumbling, grammar-challenged post. Before I finish up though, I want to share with you how I got the old DOS game dusted off and working perfectly in Win7. Of course the exe files didn’t run natively so after a quick bit of googling I came across an emulator called DOSBox. And to save reading instructions and learning command lines (hey I can still remember ARJ commands) I found a front-end called ProGammaX. Simply download and install them both and it couldn’t be easier to run your favourite old games. For ROTT, I did the following:

  1. Copy the ROTTPLAY folder from the CD to your hard drive (eg. Desktop).
  2. Right click on the folder and select Properties.
  3. Uncheck “Read Only” so files can be edited (save games, settings etc).
  4. Download and install DOSBox.
  5. Download and install ProGammaX.
  6. Run ProGammax. Browse to ROTT.exe and run it. Simple as that!

Alternatively, you can use the “Wizard” option which lets you configure more options and lets you save presets for faster launching. Happy HUNTing nazis!

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